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Avatar: Fortress Fight 2 Controls

Avatar: Fortress Fight 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Click the type of ammunition that you wish to use. Move your mouse to set the angle of your shot and hold the mouse button to set the power. Release the mouse button to shoot.

Avatar: Fortress Fight 2 Guide

Avatar: Fortress Fight 2 is the sequel to the artillery game, Avatar: Fortress Fight. Like its predecessor, Avatar: Fortress Fight 2 is based on the popular Nickelodeon animated aeries, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and features characters from the series, simple controls, and can be played as a two player game.

The objective of Avatar: Fortress Fight 2 is to use your catapult to destroy your opponent's fortress before yours is destroyed! If you are playing a 1 player game, then you will face off against computer-controlled opponents, advancing to the next level after each enemy fortress is destroyed. When playing a 2 player game, only one match is played. There are three elemental nations to choose, Water, Earth, and Fire. The nations are well-balanced, but the Fire Nation is an excellent choice for those that want to steamroller their opponents due to their high-powered attacks.

Avatar: Fortress Fight 2 uses the same mouse control scheme as its predecessor. Before each attack, you can select an elemental power to use to enhance your attack or defend your castle and the type of projectile that you wish to launch. Unlike this artillery game's predecessor, you can use the same projectile twice in a row as long as you have ammunition in stock. Once you have made your choices, move the mouse to set the angle of your attack, then hold the mouse button to set the power of your shot. Release the mouse button to fire. The same controls apply to the second player in a two player game; since this game is turn-based, there is no need to worry about controller conflicts.

Avatar: Fortress Fight 2 features a shop in which extra ammunition can be bought and repairs to your fortress can be made. This shop only appears between levels in the 1 player game, but does not appear in 2 player games. I advise you to buy repairs for your castle. Extra ammunition is not necessary to win this artillery game, but you should still buy it if you can.

If you are a fan of the original Avatar: Fortress Fight, then you will enjoy Avatar: Fortress Fight 2 for its vast improvements over the latter. Play against the computer or with a buddy in a two player game!