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Bumper Car Madness Controls

Bumper Car Madness is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Player one uses the mouse to control their car. Additional players use the indicated keys. The P key pauses the game.

Bumper Car Madness Guide

Do you want to enjoy bumper cars without going to a fair or the local fun park? Now you can with Bumper Car Madness! Bumper Car Madness is a car game that features simple graphics, high-paced gameplay, and multiplayer action that supports up to four players on the same computer.

Bumper Car Madness pits four cars in a competition to collect as many coins as possible before time runs out. At the end of each round, the player that collected the least coins is eliminated. This process continues until there is only one car left.

Aside from collecting coins, other powerups can be collected in Bumper Car Madness. Collecting target icons increases your speed and ability to bump opponents out of your way. Collecting ice cubes freezes the other racers, making it easier for you to get an advantage in the number of coins that you have collected. When playing a 2 player game (as well as 3 or 4 player games, for that matter), it is possible for keyboard-controlled human players to move when frozen, but player one and the AI-controlled races will remain frozen.

Player one uses the mouse to control their car in Bumper Car Madness; additional players use the keyboard. Up to four human players can play this car game, although the control scheme makes it easier to play as a 2 player game or 3 player game. It may be fun to try playing a two player game with only one human player, controlling one car with the mouse and another using the keyboard. If you are playing a two player game, the second player can choose any position that they please by pressing one of the keys associated with that position before the game begins. When plying a three player game, I advise the additional players to select player 2 and player 4, since the respective WASD and arrow key controls allow enough room for both players to comfortably place their hands on the keyboard. Please note that keyboard-controlled players must tap the keys to move; holding down the keys will have no effect.

Bumper Car Madness captures the fun of bumper cars without putting you at the risk of whiplash. You can share the fun with a friend by playing a two player game, or have an entire party with up to four players in this thrilling car game!