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This 2-player game is played entirely with the arrow keys for basic movement. Press the down arrow key to activate your shield. Hit the Z and X buttons to let your fists and feet do the talking respectively.

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A world that is ripped apart straight from the action-packed sketches drawn in a third-grader's paper. Knights going toe to toe against robots, aliens battling it out with vampires - YES, you will see the craziest, unlikeliest face-offs, set against one another all because of the fact that, deep within you, your inner 3-year old knows that this stuff is made of pure awesomeness.

If that sounds like a great deal, then welcome to Chaos Faction 2, the action-packed 2-player game slugfest created by Dissolute Productions.

True, the controls vary depending on the mode you picked and the number of players taking out each other in the game. However, there's a standardized set for the solo player, which is mentioned above. HOWEVER, if you want to get your hopes of winning in this game up, you should learn more advanced techniques and moves. There are evasive maneuvers, aerial combos, etc. that can either devastate enemies or render their attacks useless. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out on the in-game help screens and mastering them like the back of your hand.

You can easily pick up items by walking into them. And to use them is just as easy: just press the attack buttons and you are good to go. What do you know?! Mayhem could be very intuitive at times.

There's quite a lot to treat yourself to: the single player campaign mode can, in my opinion, be finished in one straight sitting (with a couple of blood-boiling, endgame exceptions). This mode of Chaos Faction 2 is all about getting those trendy character parts and gadgets which are unlocked along the way. After that, these gears and items can be carried on to the Death Match mode.

Death Match Mode: This is where the FUN starts! From the Death Match Mode, you get to experience this two player game's greater doses of fun by challenging a buddy, who is just as obsessed for awesomeness as you are, to a one on one battle. On the other hand, you can add more fun by tossing in some AI players to join the mayhem!

You can create teams, set time limits, as well as have a magical toilet plunger appear for players to pick up and clamor for. As I have mentioned earlier, this game mode awesomeness dose is as pure as Barney Stinson's!

Summing things up, the raw psyche of this online game isn't really about producing a "balanced fighting game" in which the outcome's generally rational.

It's crystal clear that the heart that beats in this particular video game is undoubtedly an amazing engine, designed for the purpose of energizing a game title where a polar bear can easily toss ninja stars at a pirate with a flamethrower.

The cartoony computer animation works nicely together with the game's crazy aura, and there's more than enough level-specific audio that you'll very rarely have to listen to a loop.

Even if the settings are occasionally loose as well as the mechanics don't constantly appear to supply matches for the most proficient combatants, you simply can't help but giggle for the wacky, slapstick charm when you see those doodles inside the margins. Hey, it isn't really your own failing.

Awesome can be a challenging emotion to cover.