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Dragon Fist 3 Controls

First Player: WASD for basic movement. Punch with the T button. Kick with the Y button. Draw / throw weapon with the U button. Second Player: Arrow keys for basic movement. 4 for punch, 5 for kicks, and 6 to draw / throw weapon.

Dragon Fist 3 Guide

And another installment is added into Dragon Fist series of two-player games: Dragon Fist 3, which is also called Dragon Fist 3: Age of the warrior. This third installment in the Dragon Fist two-player games series comes with a whopping 32 characters to choose from, a 2-player mode, as well as a character editor that allows you to add your personal touch to your fave hero!

Similar to its predecessors, Dragon Fist 3 is a standard fighting 2-player game (with action packed game-play) which places you inside one-on-one battles versus opponents. Your goal is always to wipe out your opponent and prevent the other fighter from whipping you.

The single player aspect of this fighting online game showcases 4 sub-modes: Single Player game, in which you contend within a tournament vs a variety of martial artists, Quick Battle, which places you within a single match up up against the pc working with random characters, Challenge Match which happens to be a lot like Quick Battle yet enables you to decide upon your characters, and Practice, where one can train the game's controls and settings.

Two-player setting is played from the exact same pc as well as covers single match-ups, which is A LOT like Challenge Mode.

So you have played the earlier Dragon Fist games? If you have, then the learning curve for this installment shouldn't be too hard to overcome. As mentioned earlier, the basic controls involve the WADS keys (for the first player) and arrow keys (for the second player).

HOWEVER, there are special moves you MUST be aware of. These special moves will help you dispose your opponents A LOT faster:

First Player: (1) Special Attack: T+Y button. (2) Grab: S+T button. (3) Sweep (used when the enemy is up close): S+Y button. (4) To pick up and put down weapon: S+U button.

Second Player: (1) Special Attack: 4+5 button. (2) Grab: Down + 4 number key. (3) Sweep (used when the enemy is up close): Down+5 number key. (4) To pick up and put down weapon: Down+6 number key.

Unfortunately, you got to put up with the somewhat hard-to-learn controls. There's no option to change the control scheme for either player. But don't worry, that's not something a good practice session can't fix.

Dragon Fist 3 comes with a more serious tone to it compared to the previous 2-player games in the series. A LOT of the humorous dialogues and sequences are gone, PLUS it also showcases more bloodshed. The difficulty level of this 2-player fighting game has also SIGNIFICANTLY ramped up.

Playing against the AI, I can say that the computer-driven opponents are A LOT smarter this time around. They do an excellent job of effectively countering your attacks. To get around this, I HIGHLY recommend that you use or try out all of the characters in the game until you find one that suits your playing / fighting style the best.

Next, continue practicing using this character until you know his moves and counters like the back of your hand. Once done, it's time to give those AI-characters some serious spanking and hitting!