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Droptris Controls

Droptris is controlled by using the keyboard. In a single-player game, the left and right arrow keys are used to move blocks, the down arrow key drops blocks faster, and the up arrow key rotates blocks. In a two player game, player one uses the WASD keys and player two uses the arrow keys.

Droptris Guide

Droptris is a Flash version of the classic game, Tetris. Droptris retains the gameplay of the original, but also features five different gameplay modes and can be payed a a two player game.

Droptris features two basic gameplay modes: Marathon, which is endless, and Sprint, where a certain number of lines must be cleared to win the game. Sprint mode can be played with thirty, fifty, eighty, or one hundred lines, making a total of five gameplay modes in this puzzle game. Two player games can also be played. In Dual Screen mode, two players play together and if one side allows the blocks to reach the top of the screen, both sides lose. In Multiplayer mode, the two players are in competition with each other. If one player loses, the other wins; if one player reaches the goal first, then they win (this only applies in Sprint).

Droptris is controlled by using the keyboard. When playing a single-player game, the left and right arrow keys are used to move pieces, while the up and down arrow keys rotate pieces and drop them faster respectively. In two player games, the player to the left uses the WASD keys while the player to the right uses the arrow keys. This control setup is intuitive and should not cause any problems.

If you are a Tetris veteran, then mastering Droptris should be easy for you. Plan ahead using the knowledge of the next piece. Rotate pieces for them to fit in place, and you will clear the lines. Unlike other Tetris games like Tetris Friends, you do not need to worry about extra blocks being added to your side of the screen in 2 player games based on your opponent's performance.

Droptris is a standard Tetris clone that fans of the classic game will enjoy. Although Droptris may not be the most spectacular, it is a great alternative to Tetris Friends for players that prefer the personal touch in 2 player games as opposed to anonymity.