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FL Tron 2 Controls

FL Tron 2 - this is a 2-player game played entirely with the keyboard: (1) Use the arrow keys for basic movement. (2) Press the enter key to activate turbo. When on a 2-player game, the left player has the WASD keys for basic movement and the tab key for activating the turbo.

FL Tron 2 Guide

FL Tron 2 - this is one of those two-player games that pays tribute to the timeless classic arcade game, Tron. For those of you who don't know, the original arcade game was presented to the public by Bally Midway back in 1982. That's the same year when Walt Disney's movie, Tron, was released in the Cinema.

The old arcade game Tron comes with 4 sub-games. Each sub-game had to be beaten and completed for you to move on to the next level. Among the 4 Tron sub-games, the MOST popular is the one based on the film's light cycle sequence. And if you are missing that, you're in for a treat: this flash-based 2-player game is based on that portion of the classic arcade game!

Well, there is a new addition to the game which can't be found in the classic sub-game...

The Turbo Ability: FL Tron 2 is one of those 2-player games that includes the turbo ability. This is a feature which was not found within the classic sub-game from the original arcade game, Tron.

What made this turbo ability REALLY cool is that it's an excellent way to easily and speedily outfox your opponent. If you use it wisely, you can deal a quick knock-out and cause your opponent to crash within a moment's notice.

Mind you, you need to be wise in using this ability. You are given ONLY 3 boosts for every round. Also, you got to be careful yourself when using the turbo boost. If not, you might crash yourself!

The Objective Of FL Tron 2: The goal in this two player game is to get the better off of your opponent. Outfox him and make him crash while you avoid crashing yourself. You see, the Light Cycles in this flash-game leave a solid wall behind. If you have played the game Snake before, then this game-play will be very familiar to you. The player who survives will bag a point. On the other hand, if the players crash into each other, that round is considered a draw. Win the match by gaining 3 points.

FL Tron 2's Two-Player Game Mode: As mentioned earlier, you can go up against a CPU, or for more fun, go against another player on the same keyboard. Unfortunately, there's no online multiplayer option. On the other hand, if you opt to go up against a human player, you get to play an endless match against each other. It's a matter of whoever gives up or gets fed up first.

Here's a tip: Try to disturb the other player by getting your hands on the way of his. It works all the time for me.

Now, if you choose to slug it out with the PC, you need to beat the AI in 6 matches. Let me remind you, however, that every subsequent match is significantly harder than the previous one. If you fail to take out the AI player, no worries... you don't have to start all over again. Instead, you only have to start from the level where you lost, and hopefully, you have learned your lesson by then.