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Gravity Guy Controls

Gravity Guy is controlled by using the mouse or the keyboard. Click the left mouse button or press the spacebar to flip gravity. In multiplayer games, press the indicated key to switch gravity. Click outside of the screen to pause the game.

Gravity Guy Guide

Gravity Guy is a platform game that puts you in control of gravity. This one-button game features outstanding animations, simple controls, and support for up to four players in multiplayer games.

In singleplayer games, the objective of Gravity Guy is to outrun your opponent and avoid falling off of the screen. If you fall off of the screen, you will respawn at the beginning of the course indefinitely. If you want to end the game, pause the game by clicking outside of the Flash applet, and click "Return to Menu" (this method also works for halting multiplayer games). In multiplayer games, the objective is to survive for as long as possible. The last player standing wins the game.

Gravity Guy uses a simple one-button control scheme. In solo games, click the left mouse button or press the spacebar to reverse gravity. In multiplayer games, each individual player reverses gravity for themselves. The keys that are used are given at the beginning of the game. When everyone is ready, press the spacebar to begin the game. In a full four player game, the Q, X, P and M keys are employed. Since these keys only need to be tapped occasionally, the setup works and there is little risk of keystrokes not registering due to overload.

If you want to excel in Gravity Guy, you will have to think ahead. Keep your eye on the course ahead of your runner and plan your moves accordingly. Keep in mind that it takes time to fall (or to rise, depending on the direction of gravity) so switching gravity ahead of time to reach a platform may be necessary in some cases. You may also collide with other players when playing multiplayer games, which can work for or against you, so be careful!

Gravity Guy is a simple platform game with controls that even the most amateur gamer will be able to grasp. Go it alone or challenge up to three other friends in the multiplayer game mode!