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Gun Mayhem Controls

Gun Mayhem is controlled by using the keyboard. Player one uses the arrow keys to move and the left and right bracket keys ([, ]) to shoot and to throw bombs respectively. Player two uses the WASD keys to move and the T and Y keys to shoot and to throw bombs. Additional keys for third and fourth players can be viewed in the options menu. The controls can also be modified under the options menu. The escape key pauses the game.

Gun Mayhem Guide

Gun Mayhem is an action-packed multiplayer shooting game that plays like a side-scrolling version of Unreal Tournament crossed with Super Smash Brothers. This shooting game features cartoon graphics, excellent sound effects, customizable characters, and can be played as a 2 player game in cooperative mode. You can also duke it out with up to four human players in custom games.

The objective of Gun Mayhem is to defeat your enemies before they defeat you. When a player is knocked off of the stage, they lose one life, similar to Super Smash Brothers. When a player loses all of their lives, they are removed from the game. The campaign of this shooting game features ten levels and can be played as a cooperative two player game if you have a friend to play with. Custom game allows players to customize the type of game, number of lives, and number of players that they wish to play with. Up to four human players can play together in custom games, but it is not recommended since all four players would be crowded on the same keyboard, and most keyboards will stop responding after about five simultaneous keystrokes. Maps and weapons unlocked in campaign mode are saved, so they will be available the next time that you play this shooting game.

Gun Mayhem uses the keyboard as its control device. Player one uses the arrow keys to move and the left and right bracket keys ([, ]) to shoot and to throw bombs. Player two uses the WASD keys to move, the T key to shoot, and the Y key to throw bombs. These controls can be changed in the options menu. Although you can play with up to four players in custom games, it is best to limit yourself to two player games; most keyboards will not be able to handle more than five simultaneous keystrokes, and eight hands on a single keyboard would be very uncomfortable!

If you are a veteran of competitive games such as Unreal Tournament or Super Smash Brothers, then you will be right at home playing Gun Mayhem since the same general tactics apply. Pick up powerups to bolster your capabilities as well as deny them from your enemies. Bombs are great to use as traps to blast opponents over ledges, but beware since your own bombs can knock you around too!

Gun Mayhem is an excellent shooting game that combines the best factors of Unreal Tournament and Super Smash Bros.. Go it alone or bring a friend along for a cooperative 2 player game!