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Legend of the Dragon Fist

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Legend of the Dragon Fist Controls

WASD keys for basic movement, block with the S key, T for punching, and Y for kicks. On 2 player mode, the right player uses the arrow keys, down for block, numpad 4 for punch and 5 for kick.

Legend of the Dragon Fist Guide

Legend Of The Dragon Fist, one of the most enjoyable and action-packed two player games around, is the very first online game in the Dragon Fist Series of combat game titles. This particular fighting game boasts 8 players (heroes, characters, or whatever you want to call 'em), uncomplicated controls, sound bites coming from classic kung fu motion pictures, coupled with a two-player setting that lets you to fight it out versus a friend on the same computer!

So What's The Goal?

The objective of Legend of the Dragon Fist is the same as various other fighting game titles along the lines of Street Fighter or even Mortal Kombat, wipe out your enemy by means of eating up their own health bar while keeping your own health bar in good shape! Having said that, it is possible to play against the PC where you need to deal with AI-driven players one after the other. Or, on the other hand, you can choose to match up against a human opponent (a friend perhaps) using the same computer.

When playing against the computer, you will face a TOTAL of 10 opponents. Keep in mind that, every subsequent opponent is harder to deal with than the previous one.

Special Moves: Every character or player in the game has their very own special move - a move that, when used wisely, could end the battle VERY quickly! You can use it by holding down the punch and kick buttons. However, be reminded that you can only execute the special move when that bar, located at the top of the screen just under the life bar, turns red.

Combos: Want MORE points added to your score? Of course you do! One good way to do it is to pull off combos. This is done by chaining your attacks in rapid-fire fashion or keeping him up in the air with punches and kicks. If you have played Marvel Vs. Capcom, X-Men, X-Men vs. Street Fighter and the like, you know what I'm talking about.

Tips And Tricks:

- Keep in mind that this game is NOT about hitting or mashing those buttons like a mad man! It's all about timing your hits and keeping control of the situation.

- To deal maximum damage, use your special move as a part of your combo, perhaps as a finisher for that extra flashy effect.

- Want an attack that goes through block? Well, the low kick is the only offensive move that goes through block. Use it to your advantage!

- Taking a fist, a heel, or a knee to the face is not cool! Do NOT forget to block.

- The hard punch and hard kick, at first sight, may seem slow. BUT they are NOT called hard kicks and punches for nothing! They're hard hitting! Master these moves like the back of your hand and victory will soon be at hand.

- Quickly move out of danger with the use of back flips.

- Unlike other 2-player fighting games, this one doesn't have a time limit. That said, it is wise to more around to recharge your special move. You always want to keep one handy.