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Red Driver 2 Controls

Red Driver 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer and the up arrow key is used to activate the nitro boost. When playing a two player game, player two uses the default controls and player one uses the A and D keys to steer and the W key to activate the nitro boost.

Red Driver 2 Guide

Red Driver 2 is the sequel to the car game, Red Driver. Red Driver 2 features improved graphics, beautiful cinematics, and three gameplay modes, including two player game mode.

Red Driver 2 features three gameplay modes: "Carrer" (it should be "Career"), 2 Players, and Basic Game. In "Carrer" mode, you can earn money and unlock new tracks to race on. Your career progress is saved, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play. The second mode is 2 Players mode. In this two player game, the objective is not to crash. The player that stays in the race the longest without crashing wins. Basic Game is similar to 2 Players mode, but is played solo.

Red Driver 2 uses the same control scheme as its predecessor. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer and the up arrow keys activates the nitro boost. Standard acceleration is automatic and there is no braking. In a 2 player game, the second player uses the default configuration, while player one uses the WASD keys. This control scheme is pretty standard in many two player games, and should be easy for most gamers to pick up.

The two player game mode of Red Driver 2 is not actually a race, but more of an exercise in skillful dodging. In fact, the players do not actually drive on the same street. A horizontal split in the screen is employed with player one controlling the top car and player two controlling the bottom car. Players will not see each other on their portion of the screen. Concentrate on dodging traffic. The player whose car remains intact the longest wins!

Red Driver 2 is a major improvement over the first Red Driver. Solo gameplay modes have much more to offer compared to this driving game's predecessor, and two player game mode is included, allowing you to take to the streets against a friend!