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For this 2-player game, use the arrow keys (WASD for the second player) to move and jump. Use the Space Bar (P button for the second player) to kick the ball.

Sports Heads: Football Guide

Sports Heads: Football is an innovative 2-player game as well as fascinating football (American soccer just so you know) online game which pits you against 10 face to face football matches in which you're aim would be to score over the other group using your bobble-head sized head as well as scrawny hip and legs.

Throughout the 10 match ups you can earn virtually something like 20 special in-game accomplishments which can be all won through entertaining ways that challenge you to pull off things that you either wouldn't normally do - along the lines of intentionally trailing behind by 3 points and pulling off come-back and WIN, kicking the competitors into the net, as well as amassing, occasionally, unfavorable power-ups to acquire these achievements.

In the end of the 2-player game you can easily publish your own score and try to bring in a new gold medal, which is obtained by letting ONLY 10 or even much less goals throughout the whole game. Sports Heads: Football is a wonderful mini-game sort of two-player game which keep you simply addicted for about a good half an hour!

Kick or use your head to score much more goals as well as win in Sports Heads Football. Try out various challenges within each match up. You can find power-ups that will have an impact on the overall game in a variety of ways. Should they be green these power-ups benefit you, red-colored power-ups, though, they impede you. All the while, there are yellow-colored that affect the ball or additional outside elements. Strike these types of power-ups using the soccer ball in order to trigger them. You will discover seventeen unique achievements to try out.

When playing on Single Player mode, you NEED to win matches to unlock the next level and opponent. Be warned: your opponents get MORE and MORE challenging as you move later in to the game. On the other hand, if you have a pal around, no problem. This 2-player game can easily accommodate your bud. Have fun!

Amazingly, the game comes with a pretty decent difficulty. i had been expecting so, simply because a few very similar two-player games tend to be far too simple and easy, looking for a tricky one, or possibly a comparable game in the least, is rather tough. This 2-player game's soccer match-ups have been generally quite close, however in a number of it had become some sort of blow-out.

The initial level for me personally was particularly demanding, even on the winning game. Nevertheless, the subsequent matches have been unexpectedly effortless.

Here's a trick that I want you to keep in mind. If you want to score more, just get that ball pas the opposing player. Believe me, once the ball gets past you, it's hard to catch it. Even jumping just to prevent it from going to the goal is VERY tricky and complicated to pull off. Heck! Even the AI is having a hard time catching up the ball once it gets past them. I think this is more of a glitch, but whatever. Use it to your advantage to win in this 2-player game!

Summing things up, this is a good 2-player game that can keep you busy for quite some time.