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Sports Heads: Tennis

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Move with the arrow keys, jump using the up direction button on your keyboard, and strike / swing with the Space Bar button.

Sports Heads: Tennis Guide

Sports Heads: Tennis - this 2-player game is just about as close the real thing as Dinosaur-themed Crazy Golf is to REAL as well as grown-up golf. To start off, you choose your tennis head. After that, it's time to battle it out in a field that looks like a cross-breed of tennis and volley ball fields. It comes with walls on all sides as well as power-ups that will either help you or hinder your way to victory.

The two-player game packs 10 different matches that are increasing in difficulty as well as a host of achievements that you need to collect. The goal of the game is as straight forward as it could get: the first player to bag 7 points wins the game. With that taken care of, let's take a closer look with the basics of the game and how you can become a top-seed in this 2-player hybrid of tennis and volleyball:

- Anything goes in this game. There are no restrictions as to how you get that ball to the opponent's half of the court. There's no need to use the racquet to return the ball every single time. Matter of fact, if you find yourself close to the net, you will find it very tricky and tough to get the right angle for the shots. That said, you should try jumping and hitting the ball with your head for it to get to the other side.

- Power-ups... these items scattered all over the place can make all the difference. The green power-ups help you. On the other hand, the red ones have not-so-positive side effects so you got to do your best to avoid hitting and activating them. When you see these red power-ups around, you better go for the safe shots as much as possible. The AI-driven players, if you are playing with them, will be less careful. Most likely, they will end up hitting them if you avoid these red power-ups!

- Judge your shots and strikes well. Despite the fact that all shots are controlled by pressing the Space Bar, you can affect the angle of your shot by how long you hold down the said button. Shortly tapping will send the ball high. A longer hit, on the other hand, will aim the shot lower. Combine that with a jump and you can send the ball out of the AI-player's reach.

- Do not be afraid to juggle the ball. Remember this is NOT real tennis. You can easily bounce the ball on your head, on your racquet, as well as on the wall on your side for as many times as you like.

Granted that the ball doesn't hit the floor twice, you are good to go. When done right, this means you can easily put yourself in a much better position. And that also means you get to avoid being caught out of guard in return.

- Learn the power ups like the back of your hand. Some of the negative power-ups like the flaming ground - which as soon as the ball gets down to the ground, a point is awarded to you - can be used to your edge!