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SuperFighters Controls

First Player Control: Arrow keys for basic movement together with the N and M keys. Second Player Control: WASD for basic movement and 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys. Press TAB for progress info. Press Space Bar button to restart.

SuperFighters Guide

Superfighters, one of the most action packed 2-player games around, is centered on small guys firing, slashing, mashing, striking, burning up as well as blowing one another in to teeny chunks... and after that they end up doing it yet again!

The crucial element you need to understand regarding SF is this: THIS IS NOT FAIR. It isn't really supposed to be fair in the first place! The players spawn randomly. Firearm spawns are just as random. The stuff and goodies which spawn around the place are random as well. Critical strikes using firearms are hit-or-miss. As you can see, almost EVERYTHING is random!

It's actually not about balanced competitive game play, you'll find that it's all about mayhem. Not just ordinary mayhem, it's TOTAL as well as unrivaled mayhem. I request that you just keep that in your mind and do not get upset for those who have an awful initial experience. Take my word for it; the tides will turn to your favor.

Features Of SuperFighters:

- Comes with a one or two-player game mode. You can choose to play cooperatively with a friend or, on the other hand, you can try your best to murder him.

- Showcases a TOTAL of 13 weapons and 4 maps to play on.

- The visuals of this game is made even MORE spectacular by the Box2D physics.

- Need something that will turn the battle to your favor? Keep an eye on bullet and time power-ups. They'll boost your combat ability SIGNIFICANTLY.

- Finish the Stage Mode and unlock a new player skin.

SuperFighters 2-player game takes place in a variety of maps. Start off the video game by hitting the "Play" button. Simply click "2 Player" game mode to play this game together with your buddy and let the action and carnage begin. Should you opt for "Vs. Mode", your own pal will be your own challenger.

You can also team-up together by choosing the "Stage Mode" option. This will pit you along with your buddy versus AI-driven opponents. You will be getting a variety of weaponry as well as increase your combat potential by picking up different power-ups. Oh! Just a reminder, stay away yourself from T. N. T cases throughout the game. When these cases go BOOM, it's going to injure and hit you REALLY hard in case you are in close proximity to any of these.

The battles throughout this two-player game are, without a doubt, frenzied, strategic, as well as tremendously fulfilling. You begin with a couple of simple pistols, a weak melee assault and some explosives, however given that everyone's got those, you will need an advantage.

Pay attention to the positioning of your adversaries, after that try to find the closest firearm you could find. Dash for it and stay mindful. You have to be alert. You see, all others are coming after you; consequently both defense as well as offense ought to be performed at the same time. Take hold of something which will go boom and begin tracking down those baddies!

This is one of those 2-player games that come with a steep learning curve. BUT trust me, going through that is REALLY worth it. It's an action-packed game you don't want to miss.