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Zombie Crypt is played entirely with the mouse just like other two player games out there: W, A, S, and D keys for the first player, and arrow keys for the second. Press the arrow keys to pull up the menu, R to reset the game, and M to mute.

Zombie Crypt Guide

Be warned! This 2-player game, Zombie Crypt, is not something you just want to dive into without any preparation or regard! That explains why this is a 2-player game, you need someone to go at it with you. You need a buddy! Team up with a pal as you climb through levels and levels of graveyards that are teeming with zombies.

To make matters worse, this is one of the trap-filled 2-player games with blood covering the floor, zombies roaming in the mausoleum, and... I won't speak anymore. It's up to you to find out. Whatever the case, this game is NOT going to be a happy stroll. It's a walk in the halls of horror!

When I first played Zombie Crypt, I can't help BUT be reminded of the "Fireboy & Watergirl" series ("The Forest Temple" and "The Light Temple"). Perhaps the creators of Zombie Crypt were somehow inspired by those games? To be honest, I don't really care. I won't consider it less original if it is. That question was just out of curiosity. Anyway, I played and defeated this game with a buddy (I'm not too sure if it's beatable on your own). And man! We had a great ROCKING time. To be fair, there are some things to be improved on, especially if the developers are planning to make a sequel.

But nah, let's leave that out for now and focus on the positives of the game. I really like how inventive Zombie Crypt is. Only a handful of 2-player games can rival it in this department.

Some people are like: "Overall, I like your game dude but there is a problem with clipping where the half-part of the screen isn't visible for some time. I saw this in a couple of places. If that can be cleaned up and perhaps toss in some more background noises, the game would be way cooler!"

Well, I agree with the addition of MORE background music to make the game cooler, BUT as for the invisible half of the screen, I think it's a phenomenal concept! That emphasizes the need for multi-tasking. You see, it requires A LOT of foresight as well as quick thinking if you walk into something where you can't see anything.

Personally, I'm HUGE fan of the 2-player game's layout, how the levels were designed, as well as the puzzle economy. The dynamics of character/environment interface are also to be applauded. The zombie carrot-on-a-stick pressure moments - all of these and more are very well formulated!

Now, while that may sound like A LOT of fun, keep in mind that this game is quite unforgiving! You REALLY need to time your moves with your partner perfectly. While sometimes it does make your victory even sweeter, I sometimes feel that it's screwing me for the most part.

One quibble is that the sensitivity can be very HIGH. I noticed that around the two guys, there was a box - that's probably the collision parameter, hit box, or whatever you call it. Anyway, it is wider than it should be and this is bad news as whenever a zombie or something deadly touches those wider-than-normal boxes around my characters, they die! Aside from that, this 2-player game is top notch.